ARTIST-FACULTY                                                                                         BIMFA artist-faculty (click to open) is comprised of celebrated international artists and teachers from prestigious music schools and conservatories around the world, in addition to the renowned Chinese professors and performers in China.

STUDENT PARTICIPANTS                                                                         The program is open to Pianists, String Players (violin, viola, cello) and Selected Wind-instrumentalists (flute and clarinet,etc) of all nationalities. Festival participants include college/graduate students, young professionals as well as high/middle school students. Gifted young musicians under age 14 may also be considered, but a parent or guardian must accompany them during the festival. Participants are accepted after evaluation of their applications and audition materials.

AMATEUR ADULT AND AUDITORS                                                          BIMFA welcomes Amateur Adult Musicians, Auditors and Special Students of all ages (including gifted young individuals and youth groups, etc.) to participate in the festival for an unforgettable experience of music making while surrounded by one of the most fascinating cultures of the world in Beijing, China. Please send inquiry to: for full details. 

Download an application/registration form for Auditor or Accompanying parent: (fillable auditor e-application form)

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