APPLICATION PROCEDURES                                                                    All applications MUST include the following: 

  1. A completed application form (fillable e-application form)
  2. An audition CD/DVD/MP3 (web-links to online files are acceptable and preferred), consisting of free repertoire, minimum of 2 contrasting pieces/movements and approximately 15-20 minutes in length to determine your placement and level of proficiency
  3. A letter of recommendation from your teacher if you do not study regularly with a member of BIMFA faculty. In case of recommendation letter by email, it MUST be sent directly from the email account of the person who recommends.
  4. A non-refundable application fee plus a refundable deposit of $300 USD  (*Please see fees & payment schedule below)

All admission materials should be mailed together and postmarked by the deadlines (see below). With limited festival space availability, we encourage all interested candidates to apply as early as possible.

To expedite application, we accept submission of all required application materials via e-mail to: (online audio/video links or small video files preferred). Direct payment information to festival bank account will be provided to you after the receipt of your complete application materials.

Notification of acceptance is made on a continuing basis, generally within 2-3 weeks after receipt of your complete application materials and required fees.  The festival application procedure for participation is ongoing until all spaces are filled. Please make check/money order/certified bank draft in U.S. dollars payable to BIMFA.

SCHOLARSHIP/FINANCIAL AID                                                       Limited amount of tuition scholarship/financial assistance are available for highly-qualified applicants who intend to participate in full 2-week session of BIMFA. A written request for scholarship and financial assistance, along with your completed application form, audition/video material, recommendation letter and a non-refundable application fee must all be received by March 31 (extended) before an evaluation can take place, regardless of whether or not you already study with a member of BIMFA faculty. Please refer and follow carefully the detailed SCHOLARSHIP GUIDELINES (Click to Open). BIMFA will not consider and process any incomplete scholarship application package.

SPECIAL NOTE: Limited scholarship/financial aid assistance may still available at this time. Please send email inquiry to:

FEES, PAYMENT SCHEDULE & REFUND POLICY                         Non-refundable Application Fees

  • NO application fee for all former BIMFA participants (non-scholarship applicants), auditors and accompanying parents
  • $50 USD postmarked on or before March 31 (Scholarship deadline)
  • $75 USD postmarked between April 1~30
  • $100 USD postmarked between May1~31
  • $150 USD postmarked on or after June 1 until all spaces are filled       
Fees for Student Participants
  • Full Session: $2600 USD for 2-week program. Full Session fees are inclusive of deposit, tuition, room and board, festival pass, concert-series admission, practice facilities, all excursion expenses with local transportation
  • One-Week Session: $1300 USD for any one-week participation (8/11-17; 8/18-24) during the festival period. One-week fees are inclusive of deposit, tuition, room and board, festival pass, concert-series admission, practice facilities, all excursion expenses with local transportation within one-week period of participation.

          Fees for Auditor/Parent*

  • $1300 USD for 2-week program and $700 USD for 1-week program (8/11-17; 8/18-24) without music instruction/practice facility. Auditor/Parent Fees are inclusive of deposit, room and board, festival pass, concert-series admission, all excursion expenses with local transportation.

*Auditor/parent only need to fill out the Application Form for auditor and accompanying parent with the required deposit.

           Payment Schedule   

  • All application MUST include a non-refundable application fee along with a refundable deposit of $300 USD* before any evaluation can take place.
  • All remaining balance is due on May 15  or within 2 weeks after receipt of official acceptance notification.

*Please note the deposit of $300 USD, applicable toward the program fees, will be refunded if you are not accepted as a participant. If for any reason you are unable to attend, a written request for deposit refund must be received by June 1 or the deposit will be forfeited with no exception.

Refund Policy

  • Absolutely NO deposit refund after June 1                                            
  • The remaining paid program fee is refundable before July 1
  • The remaining paid program fee is refundable at 50% of your payment before July 20
  • Cancellation made after July 20 does NOT entitle to a refund of any kind


Important  Notice

Direct and connecting flight services to Beijing from the U.S. include Air China, Continental, United, American, Delta, China Eastern Airline, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Japan Airline, Air Canada and others. Please consult with your local travel agency for more details.

You are fully responsible for your own airfare, passport costs, Chinese visa fees, medical and travel insurance and other personal expenses.If you have travel-related questions and need assistance, please contact us by email:

To obtain complete information about Chinese Entry Visa (required for most foreign citizens visiting China), please contact and consult Chinese embassy and consulates in your own country. If you reside in the United States, please refer to the following links:

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